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The Apex SL-series is a set of tools to protect hearing, neighbours, the environment and equipment against excessive sound levels; without altering the sound programme. The concept behind the SL-series is to have two basic units, the Argos and the Hera. These can be used independently or combined to provide a fully featured sound levelling system.

Sound level limiter

Local environmental noise regulations may specify maximum sound levels, or you may have a responsible attitude towards your customer's hearing, or you wish to protect your speaker system from abuse, or you wish all of these combined... Anyhow you’d like to offer your customers nice, good sounding music without damaging their hearing. The Apex Argos sound leveller is regularly reported by press and our customers as the most natural sounding and smoothest leveller available. Argos will prevent your sound system from producing excessive sound levels, without producing unwanted sound artefacts.

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Class 2 Sound level meter

The Apex Hera is an IEC61672 class 2 compliant sound level meter. Hera can be used either as a separate unit or combined with the Apex Argos. Both as a standalone unit or combined with the Argos, Hera offers sound level monitoring and logging of events. As a standalone unit it can be used as a cut-off device, as is required by some authorities. Combined with the Argos the combined units will act as a sound level controller with measurement and logging function.

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Sound level deported display
The Apex Leto large remote display is intended to increase the public's and performer's awareness of sound levels.
features & specifications
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