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Graphic equalisers are made of 15 or 30 band-pass filters, one for each 1/3 octave frequency. Conventional equaliser designs use standard discrete components to realise these band-pass filters. Apex GX- and PE- series achieved far better results by using hybrid circuits applying Dynamic Laser Trimming (DLT) technology.

DLT requires each filter of the graphic equaliser to be laser trimmed to match the acoustic transfer to the optimum ideal response. The result is a optimally controlled amplitude and phase response.

Reference dual 30-band constant-Q graphic equaliser

Apex’s GX 230 has been an industry standard for many years.

The heart of Apex GX-230 equaliser is a bank of 30 constant-Q bandpass filters made with Dynamically Laser Trimmed (DLT) hybrid circuits per channel.

The GX-230 equaliser has also two switch-able fixed 30 Hz high-pass filters.

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