Liviau the ultimate presentation tool goes wireless from now on!

One of our main goals is to constantly provide our users with new and awesome features. That Liviau runs on a heavily modified android operating system clearly supports this cause as it enables us to integrate third-party applications. Because, let’s be honest, what feels more intuitive and easy to use than something you already know? Liviau R is supplied with a substantial number of third-party apps right out of the box that really turns our room control system into one-stop shop for presentation environments. The latest software version now integrates a Microsoft Office viewer to open all your files in their familiar environment, thus getting rid of any compatibility headaches.

Wireless presenter 

Along with the integration of the MS viewer, the new update makes it possible to wirelessly control your Powerpoint presentations using a wireless presenter. Another interesting modification is the fact that Liviau now is compatible with the popular file sharing application, Barco Clickshare, making it even easier to put your documents & presentations on screen. All this makes Liviau an even more complete presentation system for your meeting or conference room.


A third and final awesome new feature that we have implemented in the latest software version is TeamViewer, which enables the user to remotely control Liviau from anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to be on the same network. Think of all the possibilities this opens up: for example, setting up a presentation for the next day can simply be done from home; or an IT team can easily manage all of the company’s AV equipment from overseas…

Liviau’s integration of TeamViewer truly takes workspace collaboration and flexibility to the next level.


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