APEX OEM Solutions

Founded in 1991, APEX is a team of experienced AV professionals with a proven track record of supporting respected pro audio  brands with high-performance, cost-effective OEM amplifier and system  solutions.

Every APEX OEM product is developed, assembled and tested at our own facilities in Belgium, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our in-house R&D team has made exciting advances in Class-D amplifier design, pioneering the integration of DSP and amplification circuits to deliver exceptional audio performance, size / weight savings and low heat generation. We are pleased to share the fruits of this development work with our OEM partners.

In addition to our SMA-1 stereo amplifier module and SMA-2 four channel module, we also have the capacity to partner with selected brands to develop bespoke speaker and amplifier solutions.

OEM audio manufacturing Professional

OEM Amplifier Modules

self-powered Class D amplifier module SMA1

2 Channel Class-D Amplifier Module

• Turnkey solution with integrated DSP
• 1 x 750W/8ohm & 1 x 300W/4ohm
• Super Compact design
• Built-in active PFC


4 Channel Class-D Amplifier Module

• Turnkey solution with integrated DSP
• Up to 3000W on a single 4 ohm channel
• Built-in active PFC
• Versatile input configuration

OEM References

PRG Projects
PRG Projects partnered with APEX to create a line
of compact, powerful speakers.

APEX worked with PL-Audio on the development
of a new high-quality amplifier.