CloudPower Series

The all-new CloudPower series is a professional amplifiers series with feature built-in DSP and remote control over the cloud – securely. Log in to APEX Cloud and remotely-manage your amplifiers from your office. Save time and money by monitoring performance and adjusting functions without the need for a site visit.

 Remote management over the APEX Cloud 

✔ WebUI with build-in Wi-Fi Hotspot

✔ Powerful 4 channel amplifier up to 3000W per channel

✔ Features a built-in web-based Intelli-Ware DSP

✔ High-efficiency and low idle power

The APEX CloudPower Series professional amplifiers feature built-in DSP and remote control over the cloud – securely. Connect the amplifier easily to the WebUI on any HTML5 capable browser (MAC, PC, IOS, Android) with the build-in WiFi hotspot, or to a local area network via cat5 cable.

Multiple amplifiers can be controlled through the same webUI using the trusted and comprehensive work-flow of our IntelliWare software package. Featuring high-end studio-grade analogue circuit designs, the APEX CloudPower Series sets a new benchmark in poweredsystem management and speaker processing design. The proprietary Class-D amplifier control loop features DirectDrive technology and exceptionally low intermodulation figures resulting in wide stereo imaging. Four models with power ratings ranging from 350W to 3000W per channel fit all applications from small commercial spaces to the largest theatre.

Whether the application is a standalone system amplifier, or a comprehensive networked system with multiple amplifiers, the APEX CloudPower Series is designed to provide the solution that our clients demand. With comprehensive loudspeaker preset capability, implementing CloudPower into your system couldn’t be easier.

  • Features
  • Specifications

Integrated DSP

On board 64bit DSP with free configurable signal path. IIR+FIR filter capability.

Universal Power Supply & PFC

Power supply with worldwide operation from 100-240Vac. Its active power factor correction circuitry ensures efficient use of the mains power system

Sonic Performance

Our proprietary control loop provides a load independent frequency response and low harmonic and intermodulation distortion.


The amplifer module has the size of an Iphone 11 which enables it for use in even the smallest cabinet sizes.

Low Idle Loss

Low idle loss (heat) through the use of a proprietary control loop which relaxes the output stages dead time. Only a small 2mm aluminium sheet of 240x110mm is needed for cooling.

Versatile Input configuration

CloudPower signal inputs comprises of 2 analog inputs, AES3/SPDIF and I2S. Further GPIO pins are available for signal LEDS and preset selection.

Output Power
Levels: CP354: 4 x 350W @ 4ohm, 8ohm, 70V, 100V
CP704: 4 x 700W @ 4ohm, 8ohm, 70V, 100V
CP1504: 4 x 1500W @ 4ohm, 8ohm, 70V, 100V
CP3004: 4 x 3000W @ 4ohm, 70V, 100V
Analog: 4x 3-pin XLR and Phoenix
Networked audio: Dante option card 4 inputs (supports AES67)
Link outputs
Analog: Feedthrough
Audio Specifications
Power stage: class D, DirectDrive
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, ±0.3 dB, load independant
Phase response: ±10 deg 20hz – 20kHz
THD+N: 0,05% @ P/2 , 20Hz- 20 kHz, 22 kHz BW
Dynamic range: 110 dB, 20 Hz to 20kHz,
Crosstalk: >70 dB
Audio Monitoring and protection
Protection: DC, Overtemp, Overcurrent limiter, VHF
Load monitoring: Realtime load monitoring and internal pilot tone


Intelli-ware is designed to provide fast and intuitive control from both portable Touch and Tablet PCs, and tethered PCs. The interface mirrors the powerful, but intuitive design of the hardware, whereby operation is predominantly icon driven. Intelli-ware also provides comprehensive system-wide ganging , copy/paste and data management facilities, allowing complex configurations to be configured, presented and stored in a more efficient and intuitive way.

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