Funeral Home Hansen: Aula 'de Hyde'

“A family gathers only once for the funeral of a loved one, it has to be perfect. There is no possibility of doing this a second time”. Gert Hansen, co-owner of funeral homes Hansen talks about the opening of their new aula de Hyde in Zelem-halen: “Today about 75 percent of funerals no longer take place in church but are instead held in aulas such as our own. It is important that our aulas are capable of portraying audio and video in the way it was meant to be. The music a family chooses often has a special meaning. The same is true with photos that a family wishes to display. You only get one chance to do this right.”

At Geetbets Belgium, funeral home Hansen first came in to contact with Apex. After the successful implementation of the Liviau system for the renewal of their main Aula, it was only logical that they again went with Liviau for their new aula. For this project, Apex partnered up with the Dutch firm Schaapsound. The Schaapsound team delivered amazing work implementing the new system. At the heart of the installation is a Liviau processor connected to the home-automation of the building. In this way, remotely controlling the curtains or enabling various lighting settings becomes possible from one central location. Additionally, two widescreen monitors were installed that allow Liviau to display text, photos or video.

Gert Hansen further explains what he likes about Liviau: “The nice thing about the system is that we can now control everything we need from behind a desk. For example, any video clips or music a family has requested can be made on the spot and transferred directly to the system without us having to move to the auditorium. The only thing we still have to do in the morning is starting up the system and we are ready to begin our day. So far we are very impressed with how the system works and the functionality it delivers.”