Gloria Grill Café

In Gloria Grill café, a cosy restaurant and bar located in Herk-de-stad, one can now find a Liviau S behind the counter. The restaurant was looking for a compact all-in-one solution, to take care of its audio, mood lighting and its television screens featuring their latest promo’s as well as some local advertising.

Liviau’s build-in zone matrix with 4-band parametric equalising was used to create crystal clear audio reproduction for both inside the restaurant as well as on the terrace. Liviau itself features several build-in music platforms such as Spotify and Tunify granting the bar staff permanent access to an immense up-to-date music library.

But due to its 8 inputs, Liviau enables the connection of other external audio sources as well. A must for Gloria, as on weekend nights several dj’s need to be able to pick in on the audio system.

Functioning as a bar in the afternoon, a restaurant in the evening and a party place at night a flexible lighting system is indispensable. The entire lighting of Gloria is being controlled by Liviau’s DMX controller enabling the creation of up to 24 different spheres. With the cherry on the cake being its light effect generator, really taking Gloria’s lighting infrastructure to a whole new level.

Last but not least, the platform also takes care of 2 big advertising screens. Which serve as digital billboards announcing the restaurants latest promotions, menu’s, upcoming events and opening hours. With its upgradable internal memory Liviau makes it possible to store dozens of video files on the device. Which can easily be allocated to one of the 12 reconfigurable push buttons.

Gloria’s owner Dominic Kempeneers about Liviau: “I looked into several different solutions, but none of them offers this much functionality at this price. Also the compact size of Liviau was key to me, behind a counter there is always a limited amount of space, with Liviau replacing up to 5 devices the decision was easy”.