The uniqueness comes in the form of digital signal processing

Each stereo input provides clear and precise LED metering, with the addition of On/Off, Mono Sum and gain adjustment facilities. Similarly, each stereo output section comes fitted with identical features, with the addition of independent mix controls for both stereo inputs, allowing individual stereo mixes to be sent to each output.

The uniqueness of the dBZ-48d comes in the form of digital signal processing (DSP) within the device. Each output features user-selectable delay, in addition to 24dB/Octave high and low pass filters, making the dBZ-48d an ideal solution for system designers looking to mix and distribute stereo sources to multiple destinations.

All DSP parameters are adjustable from the front panel via a comprehensive set of controls and a clear alphanumeric display. The dBZ-48d also offers eight memory presets enabling configurations to be stored and recalled from the front panel. An ideal feature for touring applications or multi-purpose venues.

For security purposes, DSP adjustment may be protected against accidental modification by locking access to the adjustment menu. Furthermore, an optional front panel guard is available to prevent anyone from tampering with the dBZ-48d controls.

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Zone Mixer
More than a standard zone mixer, the dBZ-48d offers both high-pass and low-pass filters per stereo output channel.

The ability to add and control these filters within installs, such as restaurants or bars, can help enhance the overall ambience for clients wishing to talk, by limiting the bandwidth of the background music.

In addition, by filtering unwanted frequencies from reaching small form-factor speakers, such as ceiling speakers, improved intelligibility and speaker protection can be achieved. Implementing such filters can also remove the need for using external crossovers on sub-woofers.

Stereo Distribution Amp
Time alignment has never been so straight forward. Setting delays for under balcony speakers or delay towers can now be performed quickly and efficiently.

In large venues or open-air areas it is important to make use of multiple speaker positions in order to maintain coverage. Delays are required to align the overall system and eliminate the ‘echo effect’ caused when speakers are set some distance apart. Implementing the delays accurately within the dBZ-48d can therefore result improve intelligibility.

Delay adjustment is made even simpler by displaying values in distance or time (user selectable) in a smooth and glitch-free manner.

Powered loudspeaker partner
In many live applications (such as conferences, product launches, diners and talk-shows) powered loudspeakers can prove to be very convenient. The dBZ-48d ensures that signal distribution, time alignment and crossover functionality (if required) are all provided within a single unit to four separate stereo or mono zones.

Video application
With today’s increasing demand to integrate video into the live sound environment (such as concerts, V-DJs etc.) the issue of synchronising audio to video may well pose a challenge. The dBZ-48d is the ideal solution as it enables delays to be inserted at frame resolutions (24, 25 and 30-fps) across each output.

Delay up to 1 sec with temperature compensation (available delay units: milliseconds, meters, feet, frames)
Frequency selectable 24 dB/octave high-pass filter
Frequency selectable 24 dB/octave low-pass filter
Polarity control