The industry standard for many years.

The heart of Apex GX-230 equaliser is a bank of 30 constant-Q bandpass filters made with Dynamically Laser Trimmed (DLT) hybrid circuits per channel. The DLT-technology offers you ultra accuracy and artefact-less frequency, phase and amplitude response. The constant-Q design preserves filter bandwidth independent from the amplitude control settings and therefore minimises the adjacent band interaction. Constant-Q reinforces the graphical representation by the front panel faders of the actual frequency response.

The GX-230 equaliser has also two switch-able fixed 30 Hz high-pass filters.

All potential overload points are continuously monitored by an extremely fast attack, slow release time peak detector circuit illuminating a LED indicator 2 dB before the clipping point is reached, warning the user to reduce the level before distortion occurs.

In case of mains power failure, relays automatically bypass the equaliser by connecting each input directly to its output instantaneously.

  • Key Features
  • General Features
  • Specifications

Key features

  • constant-Q design for a real graphic representation by minimising adjacent band interaction
  • DLT-technology for ultra accurate and artefact-less frequency, phase and amplitude response
  • high-pass filter
  • hardware bypass in case of power failure

General features

  • power failure bypass relays
  • electronically balanced input and output on XLR
  • earth-lift switch
  • robust mechanical construction

Available per channel

  • 30-band constant-Q graphic equaliser using DLT-technology optimally controlled amplitude and phase response
  • switch-able boost /cut scale +/- 6dB or +/- 12dB
  • in/out switches for instant comparison with flat response
  • in/out switch-able fixed 30 Hz high-pass filters with a slope of 18 dB/octave
  • level adjustment from –infinity to +6 dB
  • overload indicator driven by a peak-peak sensing circuit giving overload indication at all critical points of the equaliser circuit