Undertaker Luc Bussels

Funeral Home Bussels in Neerouteren, Belgium decided to go with Liviau when renewing their entire audio, video and lighting installation. The owner of the funeral home, Luc Bussels was looking for an alternative for its installation which still used a CD-player and mixing panel in combination with a portable laptop.

One of the determining factors for choosing Liviau as the replacement for his old system, was the fact that Liviau offers one single user interface instead of 3 to 4 different devices which all need monitoring during a service.

Luc Bussels further explains “One of the things I like the most about the Liviau system is it’s simplicity, in the past I needed 15 to 20 minutes to prepare for a service as I needed to burn cd’s and connect my laptop with an HDMI cable, now It takes me a few seconds as I can just send my music directly from my pc in the basement to the Liviau platform in the aula upstairs.”

Another major advantage of the system is its remote control, when one of the speakers during a service is speaking not loud enough one can simply use its smartphone to remotely control the entire system and increase the microphone’s volume.

Besides an extensive audio & video solution the Liviau system also provides for an intelligent lighting solution. Enabling the staff of funeral home Bussels to choose between 24 different spheres created by two subtle led strips at the back and front of the aula. With an intuitive slider, one can easily dim the led lighting when projecting videos or to create a truly intimate atmosphere.

Together with the Liviau platform Apex also integrated a completely new camera system. Enabling the funeral home to stream the service to 2 break out rooms which are being used when there are more than 100 people attending the service. The system also allows crystal clear audio and video recording of the service.

Making use of the axis companion software one can adjust the zoom, pan and tilt of the camera making it the perfect camera for medium up to large auditoria.

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