Funeral Home Hansen

Funeral Home Hansen in Geetbets Belgium decided to go with the Liviau control system for their services in their main aula.

Kristof Lelong explains; “For years I have been searching for something like the Liviau control platform. Over the years we did several heavy investments with multiple professional audiovisual partners but none of them was really up to the task of providing us with a simple and reliable system. When doing a service in a funeral home, we want everything to be perfect as people can only say goodbye to their loved ones once. With the previous solutions, I always needed multiple systems, an audio source to provide the music, a mixing panel & amplifier to arrange volumes and a separate laptop to provide the photo collages.

Now with Liviau I have one control panel to take care of everything, I can prepare my services from behind my desk, I just download the music pieces and video files right on to the Liviau control platform and allocate them to a specific button. With one click I now start videos, photos and music during my funeral service.”

Another important reason for choosing Liviau was the fact that the platform comes in a very compact & design aluminium casing which can easily be place upon a speaking chair. Due to the fact that the system is passively cooled there are no inconvenient noises causes by an active ventilation inside of the unit

Naturally, Funeral home Hansen again chose Liviau for their new aula in Zelem.





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