Funeral Home Goosens & Celis

Undertaker Goossens & Celis chose Liviau as audio & video system for  all three of its auditoria. With aula’s in Mortsel, Boechout & Wommelgem, Goossens & Celis is one of the larger funeral homes based in Antwerp. With its main office in Mortsel owner Christophe Ignoul was looking for an affordable and uniform solution that could take care of the entire audio-visual needs of his aula’s.

“Doing hundreds of funerals across our three branches each year, efficiency is really important in our organisation. Due to the Liviau audio and video system my staff can easily allocate the different music and video files towards one of our three locations where the service can be held. This way everything can be done in advance, vastly reducing stress levels” Explains Christophe Ignoul.


Another important aspect in this project was the user-friendliness of the system. When doing multiple funerals per week, it’s important that everyone can work with the system as it’s not always the same staff that hosts our funeral ceremonies.

The Liviau platform is especially designed for these kind of environments, where there are multiple, mostly non-technical users.

Owner Christophe further explains “Also the fact that Liviau enables us to hold ceremonies with only one host was a decisive factor. So, the host of the ceremony is also the one that operates the audio, video and lighting installation. This significantly reduces costs in contrast with other funeral homes where there is a separate person to take care of the audiovisual aspect.”

Liviau supersedes the need for a separate control room as everything is integrated in one single unit (even 2 x 50 watt amplification) which can easily be placed on a speaking chair. In general Liviau is up to 5 times more cost effective then any alternative with the same functionalities.

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