Liviau R selected for Bluepoint, A high-tech co-working space

Agoria the Belgian National society for Tech companies has started a brand new co-workingspace project. The main idea is to offer multiple Office & co-working spaces across the country being supported by advanced meeting room technology.

Currently Bluepoint features 3 bussiness centers, one in Antwerp, Brussels & Liège. It’s for the latter that they chose Liviau to equip one of their 7 modular meeting rooms.

“The whole idea behind Bluepoint is to offer a bunch of plug and play solutions for companies that are searching for work or meeting spaces, such that our clients can focus on their own businesses and activities.” As the number one promotor of the Belgian technology sector, Agoria wanted to make sure to equip their business centres with the latest and most innovative audio-visual systems on the market.

There main reason for choosing Liviau was the fact that It’s the first affordable total meeting and conference room solution in its kind. Unlike other systems, Liviau does not limit itself to just a presentation system. But it also provides in a full audio and lighting system. But it goes further. Due to its android based software, the platform also enables the integration with external applications, such as Skype for Business. Turning the device really into a jack of all trades as now by simply connecting an external camera, videoconferencing becomes possible.

Another integration that can be found on the platform, is MirrorOp. A screencasting application that enables its users to easily cast their laptop, smartphone or tablet screens onto the Liviau and further on onto the projector. A very handy functionality when it comes to facilitating meeting room collaboration. A key aspect of the brand new Bluepoint concept. Whereas other systems work with USB dongles, that need to be plugged into your computer, MirrorOp works completely wireless.

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