Flanders Bike Valley

At Flanders Bike Valley, one can now find a Liviau in one of the boardrooms. With The Bike Valley project, the Limburg based investment company LRM, tries to facilitate high potential start-up companies active in Cycling. The site mainly consists out of a high-tech wind tunnel testing facility as well as an incubator where these young companies can rent office space at cheaper rates.

Apart from 3 floors consisting out of multiple individual office spaces the incubator also features multiple conference rooms. It’s the buildings’ main boardroom that was equipped with an Apex Liviau control system.

Noore Dyckmans, Management Assistant at Bike Valley explains: “When Apex purposed their meeting room presentation system I was quitted surprised! As so many functionally comes with this tiny little touchscreen. At my previous job, we also had this multifunctional boardroom but only the audio installation took up like 10 times more space than Liviau does.

However, the main reason for us to go with Liviau for our boardroom, was the fact that at the incubator so many different parties make use of the room. So, it was opportune to find a very straight forward and intuitive system, that everybody could work with. Liviau really fits this description as the system offers a very simple user interface featuring large universal icons. This in combination with the fact that everybody in the building now can easily drop their files on the system from behind their desks for projecting, turned Liviau into the obvious choice”

At Bike Valley Liviau not only functions as an audio and presentation system, but also functions as an efficient way to communicate with the reception and the inhouse catering services. The room control system enables its users to select drinks and food options from a preprogramed menu. This way the catering staff does not have to disturb ongoing meetings to take the orders.



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